Scepter 4 in Spoon.2Di vol.56>> 2000 x 1450

Scepter 4 in Spoon.2Di vol.56
>> 2000 x 1450
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Happy Birthday Kukuri!!! (/^▽^)/
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I'm absolutely not interested in you



I'm absolutely not interested in you

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transparent version
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Chiesta da Anonimo:  
How often do you answer comments? And do you only answer anons...?

Hi, dear anon-chaaaan!! (∩_∩)/
I usually answer every time I can enter on tumblr…I have no cellphone or tablet to keep always an eye on my blog, so, when I can sit at the computer (that I share with one of my little sister) I am able to answer questions, reblog posts, etc. (when photoshop doesn’t distract me from this task
For questions that require more substantial answers , I spend more time because I force to write little by little for lack of time (fortunately, “Draft” option exists!!) ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

And of course not…I don’t answer only to dear anons-chan…but I use to answer to not-anons-chan in private!! (*^^*)

Have a nice day!!! 

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Chiesta da Anonimo:  
KAI-SAN--- is that gif that Saruhiko K stage play says "hey baby" edited? or it's real translation? ><

Hi, anon-chan!! (*^▽^)/
Oh…no no…it’s just edited!!! 
*Oh My!! I could never imagine this sentence in Saruhiko’s mouth*
He’s just laughing like only a psychopath in heat Saruhiko can do!
( ̄ε ̄@)

Have a nice day dear!!
And, please, beware of  people who say absolutely not to be interested in you!! (@ーεー@)

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awwww MY CUTE FRIENDS!!! *hugs them tightly*ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Leggi Tutto

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Sometime I forget it…but I’m only a powerless girl after all…

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I'm absolutely not interested in you


I'm absolutely not interested in you
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