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Thus, we got separated again. I could only wonder what was Francy-chan doing, being teamed up with our Principal… And as for me, I could do only one thing: silently follow Munakata-sama’s steps.

Strangely, this time he was carrying a real sword, not a bamboo one. Just like a warrior ready to fight. *_* So cool!..


It was pitch dark in the garden, but seemed that Munakata-sama knew exactly where we were heading.

"Hey, Alice-kun."

"Ah, Munakata-sama talked to me!! What should I do? What should I do?!" - I panicked, but forced myself to reply:

"Y-yes, S-senpai?.."

"Looks like we just got lost. And my PDA doesn’t seem to work anymore. What about yours?"

"Huh? I-I don’t have one."

"That’s bad. I wonder if us being lost and not having a working PDA are the result of your special power to bring misfortune… Haha."

"S-senpai! L-let’s continue our search for Fushimi-kun in spite of being lost ourselves!" - I tried my best to sound assured and resolved.

"I approve of your idea, Alice-kun. Let’s go. And while we search I’ll tell you about my amazing collection of jigsaw puzzles, you must feel honored for I usually don’t talk about it much…"


Meanwhile, in another part of the school garden:

"Hmmm… Who could you possibly be?" - the Principal was surprised as much as the student accompanying him.

"Oya? Have you already forgotten me, Miwa Ichigen-sama?” - the young man’s voice was so oily that it sounded more like rude than polite…

"Ah! I see, you must be an expelled student!" - Ichigen smiled carelessly as the man’s face turned nearly as purple as his hair.

"I. Was not. Expelled. I’ve left your side by my own will, Master! It’s high time for you to remember me, Mishakuji Yukari, the man who tried to defeat you!!" - and now his voice was not oily anymore. It was dangerous, and looked like Mishakuji Yukari was ready to attack the older man and the girl next to him!

"Ahaha, it seems that we are in trouble, Francy-kun! ^_^ Will you defeat this rude young man for me? ^_^ "

So…this strange guys in front of us…was a student in this school..
I thought, while the boy who called himself “Yukari” started to unsheathe a strange katana!
For a moment I was taken by a great panic…
but just for a moment..
then I resumed control of myself
It was the wrong moment to make me in panic!
I had to protect my master..
he’ve trusted in me….
And I promised I trust in him…
So, I look around for something to use for fighting…
there were a a branch of cherry next to me…
It wasn’t the ideal, but it was the better thing I could use to fight..
I took that branch and put myself in a position of defense.
I’ve just to try…I’ve just to try..
I’ve to believe in his words…
I’ve to believe in him
Maybe I simply forgot my power..
Maybe I was good with sword..
So…I’ve just to try*”

-“So…are you going to use a girl for defeat me?!

Oh My! You’re really fallen so low!!
Ok..Just be ready girl! ’cause I won’t be gentle”

So saying, he catapult himself toward me with his katana!
I was preparing my self for the impact so terrible!
I tried to concentrate my self!
"think to my weapon"
"think to my weapon
I thought…
Mishakuji Yukari was so closer,I could se his eyes full of something like anger and bitterness…

A few seconds after.. a large force pushed me to the ground..
my “arranged sword” was divided into two pieces,and my head hurt!
"As I always thought…I have no power"
And Mishakuji Yukari laught was a further shot to my pride..


So…this is the girl you wanted to use to defeat me!!!
I spent a lot of time to improve my skills…and you…
Please,tell me where is Kuroh-chan…Really..I wanna fight against someone pair of me!
Naturally. after I defeated you!”

Suddenly I stood up my head!
It was the worst moment to pitied myself!
Even though I thought to be a powerless girl..
I promised to him…
I’d protect him toward anyone!
So, tooking the two branches, I stood up and recuperated my position!

Yukari looked at me and laughed again…
just in that moment I noticed a features of him…
-“You had… a lipstick… on your lips?!”
-“And….mascara on your eyelashes?!!”
"Well…Beauty is a virtue that must be cultivated and…there is nothing of…hey….why you… HOW YOU DARE LAUGHING AT ME!!?

Yes…in that strange situation…in that dangerous situation…I was simply laughing…a man…with make up…such a funny thing!! xDD

-“You must be very brave to laught at me after I defeat you…I think to keep you in life…but now..I changed idea…
Just be ready girl!

I was scared! I thought tease him hadn’t been the better thing, after all!

-“Throw them”

I turned behind new master ‘ve just sad it

-“Dont look for you power in those brunches…don’t look for your power in other objectes…power is inside of you!!”

I looked surprised to my principal…then,I turned to face my enemy
my power…is inside of me
"Don’t dare to turn your back to me anymore!!!!!!!!"
"My power is inside me"
I must protect my master…
my principal always believe in me 
I don’t disappoint him..
I believe in him”
-“This is..”
-..I believe..”
-in myself…”

It was a second!
when I’d closed my eye, and I re-opened them!
In front of me, there was Mishakuji Yukari…motionless, as if he was petrified!
I turned to met Principal gaze…I needed of some explanation….he was smiling!
-“Good job dear! as I expect, you don’t disappoint me!!!”
-“I’ve..the power..”
-“to control…time…yes..”
I turned to look  Mishakuji again..

"It’s an amazing power…but I think it isn’t so developped at the moment…Yukari-kun’ll turn back in his normal form soon…so….run away and serch for Munakata-kun and Alice-chan!"
…before to leave that place, I approached to Mishakuji Yukari’s katana…
-“This… katana..looks like to Kuro-kun’s one!”

-“Yes…because I gave him that katana some time ago!
You se…even a principal like me can make mistakes!! “
It was the first time I heard Ichigen-sama speak with a sad and full of regret’s voice…I felt something like a pain in my chest!
-“Maybe a day I’ll tell you about this story, but now, we have to search for Munakata-kun and Alice-chan!! We need of them…so..hurry up!!”

I followed him without saying a word!





K -Lost Small World- Prologue____No-proud blue guardian


Table of contents

Thanks to Lita, for providing the text, to Ai, for helping with the translation, and to Asa, for proof-reading! 

The fist king said to take this hand.

The second king said to take this sword.

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well…the matter isn’t the tattoo…
but the PLACE where this mark is located!!!
Well…I always thought Gora have some problems with this character…
And now…Gakuen K is giving me some proof:

2nd chap

3rd chap


4th chap


Well… I wonder (better not) what will happen in the 5th chap…O.o
Sorry for the late…(I’ve messed with ps recently…I have over 10 unfinished projects!! I’m an hopeless girl…=.= )
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My copy of the Animate cover edition of LSW arrived today yayayayay 
high res scans  → front | back | MF [zip] 


twitter user t_nph who had gone to the sign meeting with Yellow, tweeted that when they had talked with her, Yellow said that “there will certainly be a good thing for people who like Sarumi and for those who like Yata!” though Yellow was very vague about it, I guess it’s something we can look forward to

K-Gakuen K

other spoilerSSSSSSS!! *w*

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